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সর্ব-শেষ হাল-নাগাদ: ৮ August ২০১৭

স্কিলস কম্পিটিশন ২০১৬ এর ফাইনাল রাউন্ডের ফলাফল


Name of Project

Name of Institute

Name of Participants


LS 247 RBT Life Security Robot

Chittagong Polytechnic Institute

Md. Koushik Patoary, Computer, 6th Semester

Md. Faysal Uddin, Computer, 6th Semester

Shojon Mozumder, Computer, 6th Semester


Water based gas power plant

National Science Research and Engineering College, Rajshahi

Razibul Awal, Electrical, 6th

Md. Nazmul Huda, Electrical, 5th

Md. Rayhan Ali, Electrical, 5th


Digital Security System

Model Institute of Science & Technology, Gazipur

Md. Nadim 5th Sem Electrical


Water Level Indicator & Automatic Water Pump Controller

Nowgaon Polytechnic Institute

Md. Shourov Hasan, Computer, 6thSemester

Samrat Al Ahahriar, Computer Technology, 6th Semester

Habibur Rahman, Computer Technology, 6thSemester


Safety Devices of Railway

National Institute of  Engineering And Technology, Dhaka

Md. Rajon Hossain. Electrical, 6th Semester),

Mohi Uddin Ahmed, Electrical, 6th Semester

Md. Sohel Mollik, Electrical, 6th Semester


Accident Free Motor Vehicle Model

Faridpur Polytechnic Institute

Md. Tarek Hasan, Power 6th Semester

Md. Imran Biswas, Power 6th Semester

Md. Yeakub Sheikh, Power, 6th Semester


Automatic Digital Power Guard

Gopalgonj Polytechnic Institute

Md. Riazul  Islam, 5th Sem Electronoics

Md. Jakir Hossen, 5th Sem Electronoics

Md. Kolim Sheik, 5th Sem Electronoics


Automatic Control Of Gas Line

National Institute of  Technology, Chittagong

Md.KawserUddinAlvi, Electrical, 1st Semester

Md. Khorshed Alam Rubel, Electrical,1st Semester    

Md. Morshedul Alam, Electrical,1st Semester


Solar Irrigation and BI-Product Energy

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

Md. WalidShikder        

Md. Mijanur Rahman   

Md. RahatHossain


Vehicle Safety System

Western Ideal Institute

NowruzImtiaz, Electrical,  5thsemester

RajibProdhan, Electrical,  5th semester

Md. Sakil Hosen, Electrical,  5th semester


Smart Blind Stick

Barguna Polytechnic Institute

Ahsan Habib, Electronics, 3rd Semest         

MD.Yamin, Electronics, 5th Semester         

MD. Al-Amin, Electronics, 3rd Semester


Digital  Solar  Rickshaw

Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Md. Nawab Siraj Ud Daula, Electrical         

Kamrun Nahar Ritu, Electrical , 6th

Majharul Islam Azim, Electrical, 6th


Generating Electric Power By Using wind for Replacing Power Car of  a Train

Dinajpur Polytechnic Institute

Md. FahimFaysal, Electrical, 5th semester

Md. Kamrul Hasan, Electrical, 5th semester

Md. MasudRana, Electrical, 5th semester


Smart phone Controlled Home Appliances Automation

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Safayat Hossain Syket, Electronics, 6th semester     

Abdul kader Mohim, Electronics, 6th semester     

Kawsar Patuary, Electronics, 6th semester


Online Shopping Website with Handmade Template

Barisal Polytechnic Institute

Junaid Hossain 7th Computer

Md. Kawser 7th Computer

Proshanta Mozumder 7th Computer


Toxicity reduction of environment

Shariatpur Polytechnic Institute


Md.Wahidul Islam,Computer,7thSemester

Md. Tuhin Mahmud, Computer, 2ndSemester


Automatic Room Security System

Khulna Polytechnic Institute

Ahmad Saleh 6th IPCT 

Md. Abdullah Al Mamun       

Md. Abdus Salam Babu


Digital Vehicle Control

Mangrove Institute of Science and Technology

Syed Md. Azizur Rahman 5th Electrical


Automatic Car Parking System

Bogra Polytechnic Institute

Md. Abdur Rauf,  Mechanical, 6th Sem

Md. Atik Hasan,  Mechanical,  6th semester     

Riad Hasan,  Mechanical, 6th semester


Low Cost Computer

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

Md. Razzak-UL-Faruk, Computer,6thsemester  

Md. JannatulFerdousRedoy, Computer,  6th semester

KanizFatema, Computer, 6th semester


Power Generation by Exhaust Gas of Brickfield

Mymensing Polytechnic Institute

Mamun Mia 3rd Power


Multistage Line Monitoring Detection and Advance Fire Protection

Habigonj Polytechnic Institute

Md. Asraful alam (Team Leader), Electronics Technology, 5th Semester

Apurba Kumar Das, Electronics Technology, 5th Semester

Md. Mirajul Islam, Electronics Technology, 5th Semester


Costume of Textile & Technology

National Institute of  Engineering And Technology, Dhaka

Md. Kawsar Matubber, Textile, 8th semester     

Md. Imran Hossen, Textile, 6th semester

Md. Ashiqur Rahman, Textile, 6th semester


Microcontroller Based Automated Security System and Bluetooth Based Load Control System

Rajshahi  Mohila Polytechnic Institute

Mst. Saila Parvin, Electronics Technology- 3rd Semester      

Mst. Urmi Khatun, Electronics Technology- 3rd Semester)     


Wireless Electricity Transfer System

Daffodil Polytechnic Institute

BENOY KUMAR, Electrical Technology, 4th Semester       FUYAD HASAN SHUVO, Electrical Technology, 4th Semester        MD. SHARIFUL ISLAM, Electrical Technology, 4th Semester


Producing  Fiber form Banana Tree Skull

Sirajgonj Institute of Textile Engineering and Technology

Md. Abdul Hamid  6th Sem Textile 

Md. Ashraful Islam 6th Sem Textile

Md. Rabiul Islam 6th Sem Textile


Patient Health Monitoring System

Rangpur Polytechnic Institute

Md. Motiur Rahman, Electromedical, 7th Semester    

Md. GolamAzom, Electromedical, 7th Semester    

Md. SumonHossain, Electromedical, 7th Semester


Earthquake Detector and Safety Device

Jessore Polytechnic Institute

Deowan Abu Talha, Electrical, 7th Semester


Wireless Charger

Dinajpur Institute of Science and Technology

Md. Abdullah Al Kibria, Electrical, 6th Semester.   

Md. Sultan Khandaker, Electrical, 6th Semester.   

Md. Tarek Rahman, Electrical, 6th Semester


Low Cost Sanitation at Village

Barisal Polytechnic Institute

Bikash Chandra Das 6th Civil

Md. Al Amin Khan 6th Civil  

Md. Mahmudul Islam 6th Civil


Submersible Bridge

Comilla Polytechnic Institute

Md. Istiak  Bhuiyan, Civil, 6th semester

Kamrul  Hasan, Civil, 6th semisterMoniruzzaman, Civil, 6th semister


Digital Complain Box For the Development of My Country - My Complain

Kurigram Polytechnic Institute

Md. Asadujjaman Sagor , Computer, 7th Semester    

Md. Tazrul Islam, Computer, 7th Semester

Md. Sadequl Islam, Computer, 7thSemester


Smart Door Guardian

Computer Science and Business Studies Institute, Bogra

Ratu Rehnuma Progga, Computer, 5th semester     

Most. Halima Khatun, Computer, 5th semester     

Rakhalia Mostafiz Mou, Computer, 5th semester


Fire Gas Detection & GSM Alert with Automatic Prevention

Sundarban Institute of Technology

Md. Razu Ahmed 6th Electrical       

Md. Azmul Huda Mithu 6th Electrical

Md. Helal Gazi 6th Electrical


Production of Jam and Jelly from Houg Plum (Amra) Peel

Dhaka Polytechnic Institute

Md. ShafiqulIslam, Food, 6th semester

Kamruzzaman, Food, 6th semester  

Md. SumanMiah, Food, 6th semester


Modern Floating Shipyard

Institute of Marine Technology, Sirajgonj

Md. Mahmudul Hasan Rokon Shipbuilding, 6th semester     

Abdur Rahim Nakib Marine, 6th semester

Tahrima Afruz(Shipbuilding, 6th semester


Smart Car Anti Thief With Rush Drive protect  Systems

Chittagong Polytechnic Institute

IsmeAzam, Electrical, 8th Semester

Prosenjit Das, Electrical, 8th Semester

ShuvagataDatta,Electrical, 6thSemester


Reducing Loss of Electricity

Rajshahi Polytechnic Institute.

No Name Provided



Road Light Smart Circuit

Shaymoli Ideal Engineering College, Laksmipur

Akbar Hosen, Electrical, 3rd Semester

Md. Omar Faruque, Computer, 5th Semester


Industries control by the microcontroller without PLC and mobile Switching System

Mir Shamsul Islam Polytechnic Institute Chuadanga

Md. NaimurRhaman, Electronics, 6th semester     

Md. Juel Ali, Electronics, 6th  semester

Ebadot Hosen, Electronics, 6thSemetsre


Multipurpose Application of Solar Power

Dhaka Mohila Polytechnic Institute

Tamanna Yesmin Riya, Computer, 6th Semester    

Rojoni Akter, Computer, 6th Semester

Tamanna Sultana, Computer, 6th Semester


Switching on/off using computer

Gopalgonj Model Polytechnic Institute

Biplob Sarker 3rd Electrical   

Debashis Bala 3rd Computer

Tajuddin Chowdhury 3rd Electrical


Smart Blind Stick, SMS I boot

SAIC Institute of Management and Technology, Dhaka

Md. Shamim Alam, Electrical, 8th Semester

SabbirHossain, Electrical, 8th Semester

Sheikh Riad, Electrical, 8th Semester


The new digital system for rail gate control

Mir Shamsul Islam Polytechnic Institute, Chuadanga

Md. Rasel Ali, Civil, 6th, Semester)  

Md. Saidul Islam, Civil, 6th, Semester

Md. Ragibul Islam, Civil, 6th, Semester


Generator To Produce Cost Free Electricity

Sylhet Polytechnic Institute

Alit Sarker Moni, Computer, 7th Semester

Sheikh Toimur Hasan, Computer, 7th Semester

Md. Abu Jafar Pranto, Computer, 7th Semester


Modern Pavement in Rural Area

Mymensing Polytechnic Institute

Hossain Mohammad Arafat 5th Civil         

Al Amin 5th Civil

Samiya Jahan 5th Civil


Waste Disposal by belt Conveyor

Royal Institute of Technology

Md. Ariful Islam 

Bithy Rani Biswas

Tanjila Abedin 6th Civil

Md. Ariful Islam 

Bithy Rani Biswas


Generation of Electrical Energy by using Escalator and Jogging Machine

Royal Institute of Technology

Hasan Ali 5th Electrical

Rashed Ahmed 5th Electrical

Zahidul Islam 5th Electrical


Mini Computer

Feni Polytechnic Institute

Kamrul Hasan, Computer Technology, 7th semester        

Asiqur Rahman Sagor, Computer Technology, 7th semester       

Tareq Aziz, Computer Technology, 7th semester


Universal Electronics Controlling System

Khulna Polytechnic Institute

Md. Ashikur Rahman, Electronics, 7th  Semester    

Gobindo Kundu, Electronics, 7th Semester

Shikdar Tarikul Islam, Electronics, 6th Semester


Best Door Lock And Digital Home 

Nabajiban Polytechnic Institute

Tanvir Hossain, Electrical, 8th Semester

Sk. Nahid,Electrical, 5th Semester   

Md. Afzal Hossen, Electrical, 3rd Semester

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